How to buy sliding door and window pulleys and tracks?

Release time: 2023-06-19

  Pulleys are a non-negligible accessory in sliding doors and windows. The quality of pulleys largely affects the quality of sliding doors and windows. A good set of pulleys should be smooth, safe and noiseless when used. The quality of the pulley's outer wheel and bearings determines the quality of the pulley. The outer pulley is mostly nylon fibre or full copper texture. Copper pulleys are stronger but have a sound when pulled; nylon fibre pulleys have no sound when pulled, but are not as wear-resistant as copper pulleys. Bearing material is also very different, good quality pulley bearing using imported stainless steel material, bearing installation tight, sliding feel soft, no noise, more high-grade pulley can also adjust the height to make up for the distance between the door and the track, so that the door and the track connected more closely. High quality sliding doors are mainly reflected in the design and manufacturing level of their pulley system and the track design that goes with it. The close fit of the pulley track can effectively reduce the noise during the sliding process of the pulley and extend the service life of sliding doors and windows by at least ten years.

  The track that goes with the pulleys is also vital to the use of sliding doors, and there are generally two types of track for sliding doors: cold-rolled steel track and aluminium track. Consumers may generally think that the steel track is stronger and more durable than the aluminium track, and that the thicker the wall of the track, the better, which is not really the case. High quality sliding door hardware is reflected in the perfect combination of track and pulley, not just a certain part. The track must have a perfect curvature with the pulleys, followed by the material. Nowadays, there are different track materials available on the market. Most of the track materials are alloy textures, and some of the tracks are made of steel. In the choice between steel and aluminium rails, consumers should not think one-sidedly that steel rails must be better than aluminium rails, good rails determine the strength design of the rails and the finish of the contact surface within the rails and the pulleys, good aluminium rails are better than steel rails in terms of noise resistance.